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The  success  of  your  company  is  about  managing  your  employees, not  paper.  By  focusing  on  simplicity   and  ease  of  use,  breatheHR  is  a  cloud  HR  software  solution  designed  to  tame  the  chaos  so  that  you  can   get  out  from  behind  the  desk  and  lead  your  people.  


Cumbersome  HR  systems  are  officially  a  thing  of  the  past.  Keeping  all  your  employee  information  in  one  place  and  automating  all  those  time  consuming  human   resource  administrative  tasks,  breatheHR  transforms  the  way  you  do  HR.  


With  customisable  reports,  automated  and  streamlined  processes,  this cost effective HR  system  gives  you  the  tools  you   need  to  support  your growing business.  










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Centralise  Records

One  central  location  for  all  HR  information  with    

employee  self-service  to  keep  everything  up  to  date.  



Organise  Documents  

Keep  all  employee  documents  safe  and  publish    

policies  &  templates  online.  


Book  Holidays  

Manage  holiday  booking  and  absence  allowances  with  a  simple  online  approval   process.    

Manage  Sickness  

Take  control  of  sickness  –  every  absence  is  logged,  approved  and  analysed  in  your  HR   system.  


Improve  Performance  

Standardise  the  way  you  manage  performance  and  keep  track  of  objectives.  


Tasks  &  Reminders  

Manage  day  to  day  employee  tasks  from  the  HR  Dashboard  with  email  reminders  and   onscreen  notifications.  


Streamline  Reporting  

Keep  track  of  what’s  happening.  Report  Library  and  one-­click  Data  Export  makes   Management  &  HR  reporting  a  breeze.  



Manage  employee  expense  claims.    Employee  completes  a  claim  for  managers  to   approve.  



Streamline  your  favourite  systems  with  breatheHR’s  API  to  save  even  more  time.