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HR Review


We know it is difficult when running a business to stay on top of all aspects of people management.  Often goodwill and common sense are the basis on which HR decisions are based.


However, regardless of size, all organisations must introduce some structure to ensure current and future employees are treated fairly, consistently and encouraged to reach their full potential within the work environment.  Also in this current climate there exists a myriad of employment legislation that needs to be complied with.


We will help you to look at your current HR practices and work with you ensure that your business attracts, recruits, develops and retains the best employees who will move your business forward.


For example, ask yourself these questions:













jenga HRClient 2 on own

One of our larger clients asked us to come on-site for 2 days and complete a thorough audit of the HR department.


Following discussions with Directors and the HR staff together with reading through their current HR documentation, we were able to submit an audit report.  This not only focused on the HR department but also it's relationship with the rest of the business and the impact on employees.


The client was able to use our report and suggested action plan as a basis for moving forward. One year on and the client has tackled many of the recommendations and ensured HR has contributed to the success of the business.

Do your employees understand your business objectives and values, their personal objectives and how they contribute to the organisation?


Do all your employees have up to date relevant written employment contracts?


Are your HR policies up to date, comprehensive and effective?  Do they comply with current legislation eg parental leave?


Is your recruitment process consistent, fair and ensures you recruit the best people for your business?


Do you have procedures for managing long and short term absences?


Are you confident at dealing with staff disciplinaries & grievances?




We can offer a short essentials review or a full on-site audit.