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Why HR is a waste of time and money

By partnersinhr, Sep 7 2015 11:50AM

Human Resource Management. People say it’s evolved drastically in the last few decades, but it hasn’t changed all that much since Personnel in the 1970s, has it? Everyone says employees are the most valuable resources to any company – but investing in people? Is it really necessary? Surely they can look after themselves? Here are a few reasons why HR is a waste of businesses’ time and money.

Aren’t laws there to be broken?

Legal-schmegal, right? HR is said to keep a company compliant with laws regarding employees’ rights, salary, health & safety, insurance and so on. Are the laws and policies governing businesses really that strict and complex? And don’t these laws just stay the same over the years? So what if I have to pay a £20,000 fine if I fail to pay an employee the National Minimum Wage, it’s not like it would affect me that much!

Recruiting – can’t I do that myself?

Creating role profiles, writing job adverts, choosing the best places to advertise, organising the interview process, drawing up offer letters and contracts of employment – isn’t this something I can quickly and easily do myself? It wouldn’t take up that much of my time and energy, would it?

Team-building – what a waste of time.

What are these “culture” and “engagement” words people keep talking about? They don’t really exist in the workplace, do they? Apparently, bespoke HR strategies and HR policies aligned with a company’s business plan, culture and values foster better employee/employer relations. HR is also said to ensure a safe, structured and empowering environment in order for staff to thrive and be at their most productive. I’ve just invested in a new Nespresso machine for the office kitchen – isn’t that enough for them?!

Appraisals? Won’t a pat on the back do?

Surely a pat on the back and a Christmas card saying ‘thanks’ will motivate employees in the same way a bespoke performance management system would? Sure, HR may define employees’ roles and give suggestions on how to improve their performance, helping them understand the business’ goals and improving productivity – but I can also give my employees solid advice: “work faster!”

I reward my staff with the occasional pay rise – isn’t that enough?

I give my staff little pay rises from time to time when I feel they might be getting itchy feet. Why do I need HR to put an effective performance management system in place? What’s all this talk of non-financial rewards? Doesn’t money make the world go around? Yet people keep telling me about the benefits of non-money-related incentives and recognition schemes to keep employees’ focus – I’ll believe it when I see it…

Fight it out

Conflicts inevitably occur between the employer and their employees, but who needs an official mediator to resolve these issues in an effective manner, taking timely action to stop things getting out of hand? It’s claimed that HR often put strategies in place to prevent such disputes happening again. Let’s agree to disagree, I say. Of course it is annoying having a poor performer but it sorts itself out eventually and I don’t think it affects the other employees or the business.

As you can probably guess by now, this article is a little tongue in cheek – to say the least. In reality, businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit hugely from HR expertise. After all, once your HR functions are in safe hands, you will be able to dedicate your time and energy into the overall day-to-day running of your business. If you would like a free snapshot review of your current HR status, together with advice on how HR management could help your business, get in touch with Partners in HR today.

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