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How do you ensure your employees work as hard for your business as you do?

By partnersinhr, Mar 16 2016 01:26PM

For every business, no matter what its size, the challenge is for owners to ensure staff are motivated, engaged and passionate about achieving the company's goals. But how can you make sure that this is happening, especially if you have a multitude of other business functions to fulfil on a daily basis?

The key to an efficient and hardworking workforce is to get it right at the recruitment process. When hiring new staff be clear about exactly what the role entails, what is expected from the candidate, and what the company can offer them. This is your chance to sell your organisation, whilst highlighting the key goals, purpose and culture of the company, to ensure you attract the candidates that best fit in with your brand values. Detailed job and person specifications are vital for capturing the best talent, and tailored recruitment can ensure you're searching for the right person, in the right place. No longer do you have to go down the traditional route of one off interviews for permanent staff. Instead you could ensure you recruit the right person by hiring a contractor in the short term, employing an intern or offering an apprenticeship.

Your goal for achieving a hard-working workforce doesn't stop beyond the recruitment process, however. Even the best-fit candidates can lose motivation further down the line. You need to keep reinforcing the company goals and values regularly, so that staff share your vision for success. Staff need to know what is expected of them and how their individual contribution influences the success of the business. Regular feedback is vital, so encourage communication processes and always keep staff in the loop of any changes that may affect them or the business.

If you want your staff to be as passionate about the business as you are, they need recognition for their successes, and to be rewarded appropriately. Clarity and vision of career enhancement can improve relationships and foster employee engagement. Although it might be unfair to expect staff to put in as much work as the owner of the company, they should be instilled with the same values and beliefs that contribute to the success of the business and be able to see how their hard work is valued and makes a difference. Firms such as Innocent Smoothies have effectively managed to create an engaged and motivated workforce, where workers at every level share the same passionate philosophy for achievement. They encourage all staff to learn about the wider workings of the business right from the start and empower them by giving them responsibility and freedom early in their careers. For them perks include the chance to win a £1000 scholarship to do something they have dreamed of doing.

Although not as exciting as giving away free smoothies to staff, businesses still need to set up frameworks, policies and procedures to communicate goals, monitor progress, promote equality and fairness, and encourage the necessary behaviours which are all essential to achieve staff collaboration. For small businesses, a lack of resources may impinge on fulfilling these strategies, so it can be a worthwhile investment outsourcing your HR functions to experts such as Partners in HR.

If you’re having trouble motivating and engaging your staff on a consistent basis - we can help. Complete our free HR review and we’ll be in touch.

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